Chilled Zucchinies & Mint Soup



INGREDIENTS (for ten glasses)

1.200 kg zucchini

2 tablespoons olive oil

25cl fresh cream

1 bunch fresh mint



10 thin slices of bacon 



We always say that vitamins are in the skin ... the problem with zucchini is that if it is prepared a little in advance, skin zucchini may release some bitterness ..

So here, as I needed to move me and make this soup a little in advance, I completely peeled zucchinies before cutting them into pieces.





Sauté the zucchini in oil without taking color.







Cover with water up, put on low heat for 25-30 minutes covered. With a long cooking, you get a "velouté" texture

If you like more matter, cook a little less zucchinies.

Giving a tour of the pepper mill.





Wash and dry a bunch of mint







In a blender, place the zucchinies and juice, cream and mint.








Mix until the desired smoothness (smooth or with a few small pieces)


Keep cool for 2 hours minimum.






Serve ice cold in glasses or in Bodega glasses

For the presentation I chose to put  in the glasses a slice of crunchy bacon. To grill the bacon, place it on a Tefal oven plate and put it under the broiler, until well grilled bacon .

For decoration, a simple mint leaf can also do the trick ...

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